Harbor chicane

Tyrrell P34 was the famous six wheeled F1 car that raced in 1976 and 1977 seasons. Depicted here is Patrick Depailler at Monaco exiting the harbor chicane.

Markers and crayons on 50 x 30 cm paper.

Original drawing is for sale (750 euro).

Gilles wins at Monaco

The start of the Monaco 1981 grand prix race was delayed after a fire in the Loews Hotel kitchens, which necessitated the fire service pumping large quantities of water to put the fires out. Water then seeped through the floors of the hotel and into the tunnel, delaying the race for an hour. Nelson Piquet led for much of the race, but crashed out late on. New race leader Alan Jones then suffered a fuel feed problem in the latter stages of the race, allowing Gilles Villeneuve in his Ferrari, to take his first victory since 1979 as well as becoming the first, and to this day, the only Canadian to win in Monaco as well as the only driver from the whole of North America to win in Monaco.

Markers and crayons on A3 size paper.

Original drawing is sold

Schumi’s greatest victory

1997 Monaco grand prix was probably the best race of Michael Schumacher’s carrier.  He started the race from the second place on the grid and was leading by 22 seconds on lap 5. Behind him the Jordans, which both had the car set for rain, took second and third spots, the then dominant Williams cars were gambling on drying conditions, which proved to be a catastrophic move and were behind before they were eventually forced to retire. Schumi won the race with a comfortable 53 second advantage.

Markers and crayons on A3 size paper

Original drawing is available for sale (300 euro)


Gilles Villeneuve is one of the most celebrated F1 drivers in the history of the sport. Here we can see him driving a Ferrari 312T3, during the 1978 USA Grand Prix. Sadly he left us way to soon.

Markers and crayons on A3 paper.

Original drawing is sold

Prints in size A3 are available for 30 euro a piece

Senna Tribute

A tribute for the legendary brazilian F1 driver Ayrton Senna da Silva, who was an inspiration for millions of people and tragically lost his life during the Italian GP in 1994.

Crayons and markers on A2 size paper

Original drawing is sold

Limited to just 99 prints, each signed and numbered by Miha, for 59 euro a piece.

Size of the print with white border is 59,4 x 42 cm (image size 56,1 x 38 cm)