Lotus 49

Lotus 49 DFV driven by Jim Clark, a match made in heaven.

Markers and graphite on A3 size paper.

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Mazda 787bsenna montage cela Gulf Porsche 917 Mobydick small The family afair Porsche 911 RSR 73 Blue Stallion Fight to the finish! 2 Porsche 935 martini s Senna brazil s Alfa GTA final Zandvoort 64 Drag race First Victory Ferrari testarossa prototipoPorsche 961

Ferrari 360 CS

Modern classic.

Markers and crayons on a 50 x 25 cm paper

Original drawing is for sale (385 euro)

Porsche 911E

Classic Porsche 911.

Markers and crayons on 35 x 23 cm paper.

Original drawing is available for sale (295 euro)

Harbor chicane

Tyrrell P34 was the famous six wheeled F1 car that raced in 1976 and 1977 seasons. Depicted here is Patrick Depailler at Monaco exiting the harbor chicane.

Markers and crayons on 50 x 30 cm paper.

Original drawing is for sale (750 euro).

BMW 2002 Turbo

The BMW 2002 Turbo was launched at the 1973 Frankfurt Motor Show. This was BMW’s first turbocharged production car. It produced 170 PS (125 kW; 168 hp) at 5,800 rpm, with 240 N⋅m (177 lbf⋅ft) of torque. The car had a top speed of 211 km/h.

Markers and crayons on 50×35 cm paper

Original drawing is sold

BMW wins Petit Lemans

BMW M3 GTR driven by the trio Hans-Joachim Stuck, Boris Said and Bill Auberlen, was able to win the Petit Lemans race at Road Atlanta in 2001 ALMS series. BMW was a dominant force in the GT class and Bill Auberlen was their most decorated driver.

Markers and crayons on A3 size paper

Original drawing is sold

Japan Grand Prix 1969

1969 Japan Grand Prix was the zenith of early sportscar racing in Japan, with Nissan and Toyota involved in heavy competition. At the annual event on the Fuji racetrack Nissan was able to prevail, due to its mighty Nissan R382, with it’s 6 liter engine. Motoharu Kurosawa was the eventual winner of the 720 kilometre long race in the nr.21 yellow painted car.

Markers and crayons on 42 x 26 cm paper

Original artwork is for sale (475 euro)

Welcome to Miha Furlan Motorsport art website

Miha Furlan is an motorsport artist.

He’s been drawing cars for as long as he can remember, while the other children draw boxes with two circles underneath, he was allready doing a wedge shaped cars that looked very aerodynamic;). In his teenage years other things were more important than his drawing;), but after beginning to play race car simulation game Grand Prix Legends in 1999 his love for the vintage f1 cars emerged.

Later on his main interest became the 60’s and 70’s sport-cars everything from Can-am to Lemans and other forms of endurance racing, while still retaining his love for F1 cars. He is self-thought and he mostly works with color pencils, but also uses markers, pastels and ink, his style varies from realism to semi abstract drawings. He is available for commission work and has an open mind to whatever automotive subject one would request. You can contact him on: vicelford1982@gmail.com

Gilles wins at Monaco

The start of the Monaco 1981 grand prix race was delayed after a fire in the Loews Hotel kitchens, which necessitated the fire service pumping large quantities of water to put the fires out. Water then seeped through the floors of the hotel and into the tunnel, delaying the race for an hour. Nelson Piquet led for much of the race, but crashed out late on. New race leader Alan Jones then suffered a fuel feed problem in the latter stages of the race, allowing Gilles Villeneuve in his Ferrari, to take his first victory since 1979 as well as becoming the first, and to this day, the only Canadian to win in Monaco as well as the only driver from the whole of North America to win in Monaco.

Markers and crayons on A3 size paper.

Original drawing is sold

Banging wheels at Eau Rouge

This is a scene from the 1970 Spa Francorchamps 1000 kilometres race, which counted for the World sports cars championship. Team mates at Wyer Porsche, with their Gulf liveried Porsche 917’s, Jo Siffert and Pedro Rodriguez were banging wheels going into Eau Rouge, with Siffert coming out best and eventually won the race.

Markers and graphite on 48 x 42 cm paper, took more then 100 hours to complete.

Original drawing is sold

Sunset at Lemans

Vic Elford and Gerrard Larrousse were behind the Wheel of the mighty Martini Porsche 917LH, in the 1971 edition of 24 hours of Lemans race. Car unfortunately expired right around the sunset time,  when they were running in strong second position…

Markers, crayons and acrylics on A2 size paper

Original drawing is sold

Prints in size A3 are available for 35 euro a piece

Porsche 904

Porsche was coming out with ever more serous weapons in the sixties and the 904 was the companies main contender in the years 1964 and 65. With 200 hp the car was capable of a 260 km/h top speed.

Graphite and markers on paper.

Original drawing is sold.

Limited to just 99 prints, each signed and numbered by Miha, for 59 euro a piece.

Size of the print with white border is 59,4 x 41 cm (image size 57 x 37 cm)

Open edition A3 size prints are available for 32 euro a piece.

Toyota GT – one

Toyota fought valiantly during the LeMans 24 hour race in 1999 and came close to winning the race. During the final hour of the race, the lone GT-One nr.3 was chasing the remaining BMW for the lead, but while lapping traffic, it suffered a tire failure, and was forced to slowly make its way around the track to return to the pits for a new set. In the process the GT-One lost the chance to challenge for the lead, and thus lost the race. The lone GT-One would come home 2nd overall, one lap behind the winning BMW.

The video of the tire burst is bellow:

Markers and crayons on A3 size paper

Schumi’s greatest victory

1997 Monaco grand prix was probably the best race of Michael Schumacher’s carrier.  He started the race from the second place on the grid and was leading by 22 seconds on lap 5. Behind him the Jordans, which both had the car set for rain, took second and third spots, the then dominant Williams cars were gambling on drying conditions, which proved to be a catastrophic move and were behind before they were eventually forced to retire. Schumi won the race with a comfortable 53 second advantage.

Markers and crayons on A3 size paper

Original drawing is available for sale (300 euro)

Blue Stallion

Sunoco Ferrari 512M was the fastest Ferrari sportscar in the 71 season, but i wasn’t enough to win the Lemans race that year.  As usual i used markers, crayons and watercolor to make this one…

Size of the artwork 60 x 35 cm and it took me about 100 work hours to complete.

Limited to just 99 prints, each signed and numbered by Miha, for 59 euro a piece.

Size of the print with white border is 59,4 x 42 cm (image size 57,8 x 38 cm)


Gilles Villeneuve is one of the most celebrated F1 drivers in the history of the sport. Here we can see him driving a Ferrari 312T3, during the 1978 USA Grand Prix. Sadly he left us way to soon.

Markers and crayons on A3 paper.

Original drawing is sold

Prints in size A3 are available for 30 euro a piece